BizNet Software was a software designed to process business data. The inventor wrote it as an adjunct to Excel, the most popular spreadsheet program ever. Users could hook the BizNet software into Excel and get almost instand business intelligence reports, with thousands of rows and millions of cells.

The Answer
It didn’t take long to see that this software was a game changer. I analyzed thier offering against the competition and BizNet had a product that could literally help any small to medium business get solid business intelligence. Telling the story was told through the simple messaging of pointing out the biggest problems these business had and then giving them the BizNet solution. It was classic advertising and it worked almost every time. Once we got a demo, the customer almot alwyas bought it.


:: Brand Positioning
:: Web Design
:: Brochure Design
:: Trade Shows

We had a fantastic product that worked hand in glove with Excel. All we needed was the best way to explain it to get users to try it. Once they tried it, they were hooked for life.
Art helped us simplify our messaging and condense it into small bites so users could understand it.