CTJ Energy


CTJ Energy began to change their business model. Previously they served the restaurant industry with welded stainless products. With a deep background in specialty welding, they moved to designing pressure vessels for the oil and gas industry. Repositioning them to better serve this sector required
a complete rebrand and positioning.

The Answer
The founder of the company is a welder by trade with an immense knowledge of the welding industry and making welding specialty products. As they moved into the energy sector, it made sense to position them with a welding centric identity. The final symbol reflects the temperature ranges of the welding flame as it welds different materials.


:: Identity Program Design
:: Brand Positioning
:: Web Design
:: Brochure Design

We were drifting a bit, and morphing into a new company. Art studied us and our market and knoew exactly what to do to position us going forward. Now we have an identity that will serve us for a very long time to come.