Maxx Belts was created for one reason: to make the very finest slide belts and buckles anywhere. The slide belt category is crowded – Shark Tank saw helped the public get the concept – and it is a simple one: the buckle has a mechanism in the back ofi t that allows it to slide through a row of teeth sewn into the belt and stop where the wearer wishes to set it. The result is mind boggling – belts now do not show the dreaded “hole creep” – that big indention on the belt where it stretched. Ans, the buckles are twice as adjustable so they fit better.

The Answer
In order to position the belts as the best, I had to make the best. So, I found belt makers with decades – not years – of experience in making fine exotic belts. They are superior in craftsmanship and style, and rival any exotic belt from any brand. I contratced with a factory that can use my 3D CAD files to print belt buckles with extreme detail, and I developed packaging that is fitting to this hand-made brand. Wood boxes hand turned and laser engraved, flannel bags embroidered with the recipients’ name – all of this emotes the high style of the brand. 


:: Identity Program Design
:: Brand Positioning
:: Web Design
:: Brochure Design
:: On Going Promotion and Social Media

Maxx Belts is an exclusive, niche product designed to compete with the finest in belting and custom made buckles. I designed the entire presentation around the things that high net worth buyers want – personalized presentation of superior products.