ProAm Events is a golfer’s dream. They host ProAm golf tournaments in the US and Mexico for golf Professionals and their guests. Their emphasis is on a
Premier Event, each and every time.  Every golf venue is thoroughly vetted for top quality golf experience and sublime accommodations. Players and guests
are treated like Tour professionals, with many touchpoints personalized to each player and guest. The tournaments are run like Tour events, although handicapped for competitive play.

The Answer
The owner of the company is himself a top amateur and serious player who has played many of the finest courses in the world. He purchased the company and re organized the operational side for better and smoother operation. I met him early on and offered to rebrand the entire experience to elevate the Brand to what it could, and should be. Working with him is an extreme pleasure, as he knows the target audience and thouroughly understands the Mission. I have touched almost all touchpoints of the Brand and we continue to evolve it to keep it fresh and relevant to a highly discrimminating customer base.


:: Identity Program Design
:: Brand Positioning
:: Web Design
:: Brochure Design
:: On Going Promotion and Social Media

It was exciting to acquire a business like this. Operationally, we shored up the offering and got us going in the right direction. Art’s help in revitalizing the Brand, and now keeping it fresh was key to our success.


Every event takes place at a Premier golf destination, and every serious player is familiar with the golf destination logos. I decided to create a series of “Event Badges” to identify each ProAm using elements from the destination logos. We use them on literally every promo item for each event. Players love the recognition of venues played and we love the exposure to potential players.

All of our printed communications revolve around the exquisite golf destinations and top-tier accommodations. We are fortunate to work with the very best resorts, all who have beautiful imagery and videos to showcase thier properties.

At each event, players are given 1 dozen premium golf balls.  We purchase Titleist balls in large numbers (somewhere around 300 dozen at a pop), so I asked Titleist if we could print custom boxes. They agreed and we printed each course image along with the Event Badge on the boxes. We mix and match the events, and they all go in a custom dozen box. It’s great for the Brand and players love them.